Reminders I Need

I am a human being. I’m flawed. I fuck up often. And recently, I decided to try more visual reminders of ways I should check myself before I, as the kids said in my youth, wreck myself. So I made this post-it note and have it on my monitor:

Post-It Note

My daily reminder

  • Read Charitably — Something I’ve talked about before, quite often.
  • Be Magnanimous — A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago (to paraphrase) “Listen, you’ve just stirred up some shit. And people are going to pick apart your language. You’re going to want to be an asshole back to them. But you know what you’re going to be instead? You’re going to be cool. You’re going to be magnanimous.” He likened himself to being my boxing coach, which given we’re talking about Internet bullshit is probably not far off. That was exactly what I needed to hear, and I wrote it down.
  • Know Why You’re Saying Yes — I’ve talked a lot about taking on too many projects and failing and crap like that. So when I want to say “yes” to something, it’s a reminder to know why I am.
  • Party On, Wayne — Don’t take life too seriously. As the Prophet Myers spoke to the Disciple Carvey, “Party On, Garth.” And Carvey replied, “Party On, Wayne.”

Ones not yet on there:

  • Fuck the Wolf — Here’s the reference. But since my post-it hangs on my day-job monitor, I won’t write that. And I haven’t found a safe-for-work version that’s as satisfying. The wolf may be a friend…if you don’t mind being friends with Tyler Durden[1].
  • People On The Internet Are Human Beings, Too — Seriously, we all are. So when we’re being cockbites at each other on the Internet when we wouldn’t be in person, it’s something to think about.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs daily reminders to not be an Internet dumbfuck. What would be on your monitor post-it?

– Ryan

[1] Which is also what I named my cat.


6 Responses to Reminders I Need

  1. George says:

    Every time I get involved into a fight or a flame war or whatever, in the end, when all’s said and done, I always think ”Man, this was dumb. Why the fuck did I do this?”

    I try and remember that every time I’m on the verge of angry words. That feeling where your once pretty decent day turned into a shitty, anger-filled clusterfuck.

  2. Rob Donoghue says:

    Mine says, in Sharpie, “WHAT AM I DOING?” as a reminder for mindfulness. It’s under these words as I type.

    It’s predecessor, said “MITIGATE LESS, ASSHOLE” because it was a lesson I needed after reading about how communications failures make airplanes crash.

    -Rob D.

  3. Here’s one on my list: “Don’t be so goddamned cryptic. No one wants to solve your puzzle.”

  4. Marc Majcher says:

    I just have one small pink post-it on my monitor right now. It says, “It’s OK to SUCK”. Still need to be constantly reminded of that, so I can’t use the excuse of trying to get something perfect instead of getting it done.

  5. JDCorley says:

    How dare you accuse me of being a human being!

  6. jessecoombs says:

    Just pick something and move on. Perfect hates your fucking guts.

    Trust people to know what they’re doing, but don’t be afraid to call them out on it, AFTER THE FACT.

    Do one thing at a time. Multitasking is a circus act.