Mythender Quick Peek: Warrior & Crusader

Busy week, because I’m working on getting enough stuff for my Mythender games at this weekend’s Endgame Mini-con. I’m running Mythender twice, and originally put on the schedule that I would be providing characters. Then this past weekend I hit on a better idea: making enough hand-outs to make character creation faster and grabbier. Of course, why should the folks at Endgame be the only ones to check out the begoodness!

I anticipate that next week I’ll have the full character creation stuff up, and I’ll be doing a request for comments on that. It won’t be an edited text (though it will have been revised several times), and it’s laid out in Word[1], but it’ll be a proof of concept.

The Warrior & Crusader Hearts (Click to Enlarge)

What’s a Heart?

Creating a Mythender starts with two choices: choosing a Heart and choosing a History. A Heart is the sort of Mythender you are, and a History is the mortal you were. “Heart” refers to what all Mythenders have, a Mythic Heart that pumps the lifeblood of Norden, Mythic Power, into them. The Heart is a horrible bastard of a thing, granting both near-invincibility but also damnation.

Both choices come with three questions and impact further decisions on character creation. There are six of each (and sharp folks can figure out how to make their own, I’m sure).

Here’s a wacky idea

Given that I’m publishing this through Evil Hat, and all books in Evil Hat have the brick & mortar PDF guarantee, I can assume that the book will be printable by most of the people buying it. So why not have the character creation chapter streamlined and *gasp* both instruction and worksheet?

What I thought I was making when I sat down the other day to start this were handouts. Then I realized I was writing and laying out a chapter. I’ve watched 30 people make characters with the current rules, enough to see that some people need more advice and guidance than others. So advice & guidance are going to be at the end of the chapter, in order to achieve two things: (1) get out of the way of people who don’t need it; (2) give space for the group to help each other rather than reliance on the immediate text.

Finally, and I might be talked out of this, but it’s been in my head for over a year: when Mythender’s done, I’ll release the character creation chapter for free. Free + printable + designed to be filled out and flow with the process = more people able to make characters for a game. And what’s not to like about that?

Again, this is all rough, but I figured folks would like an update.


– Ryan

P.S. Little things about what you see here won’t survive the next round. I’ve already got better ideas (thanks to talking with friends looking at the post) on how and what to present. But the overall I think is solid.

[1] And this is just self-layout to fit on letter-sized paper landscape. It’ll have a professionally-done layout for real real. :D


3 Responses to Mythender Quick Peek: Warrior & Crusader

  1. Sean Nittner says:

    I love the idea of presenting the character creation stuff for free. I think this will a) draw more people to the game and b) give people a small piece of it to play with for their own hacks, which will in turn draw them to the game.

  2. Guy says:

    Hm, the small tidbit on “What’s a Heart?” suddenly made me realize:
    You can play Fate/Stay Night with this! I am having Thoughts!

  3. Fabien Badilla says:

    Good thinking and tinkering you got there :)