Audience Participation: What’s My “Must-Read” Post

I’ve been told by a few people that I should submit my blog for this year’s ENnie Awards. So I’ve looked over their rules regarding e-submissions, and here’s where I’m stumped:

  • Podcasts and Blogs: You must send a link to your site and specify one “must-hear” episode or one “must-read” article/issue.  The judges will select another “must-hear” episode or one “must-read” article/issue that they all listen to/read.  Each judge will then select another episode/article/issue.

I’m stumped because I live in my head and I just vomit forth whatever I’m thinking about. I’m sure some posts have resonated with folks more than others. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it: Which of these posts from last year (starting May 1, 2011) is my most “must-read” post? Why?

If you help me pick my post, I’ll likely by you a drink at a con, whether I actually get nominated for an ENnie or not. Because this sort of thing is drink-worthy.

My posts from the last 12 months:

Again, a huge thank-you in advance to everyone who helps me out here!

– Ryan


4 Responses to Audience Participation: What’s My “Must-Read” Post

  1. Rob Donoghue says:

    Hard to beat the flowchart.

    That said, that’s a LOT of posts. Do you have analytics to say what the top 10 or so are in terms of traffic? it’ll be skewed, but might suggest something.

    -Rob D.

  2. I think Why Critique Has No Home On The Internet is a good sample. It covers one of your main topics in which you have authoritative voice, has your own writing voice (sadly, it doesn’t contain the word “cockbite”) and a good amount of follow-up commentary to dissect the topic.