Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Awesome

Today I had planned to promote Daniel Solis’ new Kickstarter campaign, this time for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. And I still do, but the success it’s had over the last two days has greatly changed what I’m going to say.

I’ve been working with Daniel as his editor on this since, uh, 2008 maybe? It’s been a long time.  I was intrigued by Do early on, and we talked about me editing his game. It went through a few revisions over time, and we stepped away from Do for a bit when he was working on Happy Birthday, Robot! So it’s pretty cool to see a project baked so long in the over that is Daniel’s heart start to rise.

And holy fuck, rise it has. The campaign started this past Saturday, and in two days we’ve raised over 200% of the funded goal. But we — that is, it’s a joint venture with Evil Hat Productions — have 43 days to go, and are creating more incentives to increase the funding. Right now, we’re at the point where we can order enough books to drop the cover price down to $25[1]. If we get more, our shipping costs for the books get covered, and Daniel starts to actually see some money sooner for his years-long journey.

Update: Fred Hicks has posted up a press release about our pre-order Phase 3.

I’m the principal editor on the project, and we’ve brought on the enterprising Lillian Cohen-Moore to help put that final spit polish on it. The art is gorgeous. And Daniel’s writing is…well, he’s become a hell of a writer. Editing his writing is still work — everyone’s is — but damnit, it’s fun work. A literal joy to read. I’m excited for y’all to see this book.

– Ryan

[1] The interesting thing about Kickstarter isn’t just how it can create funding initiative, but it’s effectively a pre-order campaign that gives the creator/publisher a chance to gauge demand. Ordering a crapton of books just because the per-unit cost is cheaper doesn’t do you any good if you can’t sell them. In fact, it makes your publishing math worse.


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  1. Matt says:

    I was in early. I’m really excited about it.
    It’s also really cool to see how fast the funding happened.