Monthly Archives: April 2011

Campaign Frame: Aethertide

Yesterday on Twitter, I was hit with a campaign idea for a Mage: the Ascension. Long-time followers know I love love love me some old Mage. This idea drifted from there, but rather than talk about where this idea came form, let’s just get into this campaign frame (meant for any game that seems like

Invoking Aspects for Skill Substitution

I can’t remember how long ago or the context where this came up[1], but there’s a neat Fate trick I stumbled upon a bit ago. If you’re a Fate junkie, I recommend you first take a look at Lenny’s post on the Fate RPG site about trappings & how they relate to skills and stunts.

Human Tales, My Re-entry Into Fictionland

Jennifer Brozek, the Swiss Army Knife of small-press fiction, invited me to write for an anthology called Human Tales, published by Dark Quest Books. That’s now available, and I totally think you should check it out. Be Wary and Beware…. There are tales that every parent knows and must pass on to their child… Tales

Not Everyone Has Read What You Have

I saw this on a mailing list recently, and it bothered the fuck out of me. Edited to, well, not detract from my damned point to be quite honest: >>> Original poster wrote: >>> A question for you more experienced people: [Question that was recently discussed] >> Reply wrote: >> Didn’t we just have this

Audience Participation: What’s My “Must-Read” Post

I’ve been told by a few people that I should submit my blog for this year’s ENnie Awards. So I’ve looked over their rules regarding e-submissions, and here’s where I’m stumped: Podcasts and Blogs: You must send a link to your site and specify one “must-hear” episode or one “must-read” article/issue.  The judges will select

What Doesn’t Kill You…

The brilliant and gracious Jeremy Keller posted a bit today about how I broke his game-in-development, Apex Redacted I mean Technoir. He talked about how I balked at the intent of his mechanic, to emulate noir genre, by showing how the mechanic harmed my desire to emulate the source fiction. I said in the comments