Monthly Archives: March 2011

Play-Review: Microscope

Last night at our Go Play SF Bay monthly event, Jesse Coombs brought Microscope, by Ben Robbins. It’s a GM-less history/world-building game, sort of like playing out a history book and documentary all at once. I really dug it, and wanted to post some thoughts now having played it. In Microscope, you make a vast

The Fallacy of Punk

Lukas’ comment on Jonathan’s blog made me think about this yet again. People talk about “being punk” with making role-playing games. It’s used to talk about the DIY aesthetic, which I can dig on. I was involved in the Ashcan Front’s first year, and have done my own bookbinding. I loves me getting hands on.

#HappinessIs Leverage-on-Leverage Action

Cam Banks posted a link to this today, and I was just too excited not to blog about it. The writers of Leverage checking out the Leverage RPG! This makes me happy. And since I also like posting #HappinessIs things, I share it with you. You can check out what they wrote on the official

I’m a Game Advocate!

I love Unknown Armies[1]. Anyone who has ever known me knows this, including the charming and svelte Rich Rogers from the Canon Puncture podcast. He has this really cool segment series on the show called Game Advocates, where fans of a game talking about why they love that game. So he grabbed me to talk

Audience Participation: How Have Editors Helped You?

Today, I’d like to ask writers who have worked with editors: How has working with an editor helped you? In response to yesterday’s post, Graham Walmsley asked on Twitter for people to tell him how to make his released books better, to understand what we editors do[1]. I thought about doing that at first, but

Ways To Afford An Editor

So you as a publisher need an editor (no, really, you do). You’ve found someone to work with[1], figured out a rate you’re both comforable with, and now comes the question of when/how to pay. You want to avoid losing your shirt, and so does your editor. What’s a creator to do? Well, you have