I’m a Game Advocate!

I love Unknown Armies[1]. Anyone who has ever known me knows this, including the charming and svelte Rich Rogers from the Canon Puncture podcast. He has this really cool segment series on the show called Game Advocates, where fans of a game talking about why they love that game. So he grabbed me to talk about my most favorite role-playing game ever.

You can check it out here: http://www.canonpuncture.com/?p=1869

The episode runs 22:41, and is just my talk with Rich. I hope you enjoy it.

For those who love the game like I do, I posted this UA-style rumor on my Facebook feed the other week, as it popped into my head (while walking, so I had to type it on my phone):

Unknown Armies rumor: there’s a fortune teller (assistant manager for the Scotsman by day) in western Ohio who can predict your future by listening to your Pandora station on your smartphone for an hour. He can only predict one thing, though: the day and time you’ll leave this world. Godwalkers have sought him out to learn how much time they have left. And he is not aware of the Max Attax cabal that watches over him.

This shit hits my brain all the time. I love this game, because it’s memetically infected me like no other game has.

Also required reading: Kenneth Hite‘s essay on Unknown Armies is Green Ronin’s Hobby Games: The Best 100.

– Ryan

[1] Fans also know to check out John Tynes’ UA site. Man alive, so awesome.

[2] A footnote to a certain podcaster out there: Rich turned that around in a couple weeks. Just FYI. :)


3 Responses to I’m a Game Advocate!

  1. EZ says:

    YES! Unknown Armies! I definitely must talk with you about a scenario idea I’ve had burning in my skull for years.

  2. jessecoombs says:

    I think it was our mutual love of UA that made me think: “This guy is as twisted as me…”

  3. Jason says:

    UA and Canon Puncture’s Game Advocate series are both really cool.