Folks I Admire: Chris Hanrahan

Today I’ll talk about one of my favorite peeps, Chris Hanrahan, one of the owners of Endgame in Oakland, California. Chris, along with the other owners of Endgame, run one of the cleanest, brightest, most inviting hobby games stores I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. You can see pictures of the store, but they don’t do the store justice (and not because they’re bad pictures).

Chris is one of the sharpest minds when it comes to marketing hobby games, having been in involved in marketing in technology before spending years selling to consumers face-to-face. (If you like the fact that The Dresden Files RPG was split into two books rather than one large, heavy, more-expensive volume, thank Chris.)

He’s on the podcastosphere, notably 2d6 Feet In A Random Direction with Brian Isikoff, but also some episodes of That’s How We Roll with Fred Hicks, and Concept To Shelf with me (which is getting off the ground much slower that we expected). Wisdom flows from his mouth, as does passionate jackassery. *grin* He’s my kind of people.

And there isn’t another person I know who has stronger community building chops. He’s about to host the fifth anniversary Endgame Minicon. For five years, he’s built a community of indie/story gamers that flock to the store once a quarter to play all sorts of games. It’s an amazing event, and Chris puts a lot of work every time into getting people to run events, getting the word out, handling scheduling, all that jazz.

Hell, I moved down to the Bay Area partly because of the people I met at Endgame coming down for the minicons.

I bring him up because he’s got all this great insight into our hobby from an angle few of us have — meeting with gamers day in and day out for years. He’s pretty willing to share that with you, if you’re willing to listen. You can reach him at chris@endgameoakland.com or on the twitters @chrishanrahan. Seriously. He’s helped Fred & I. He works with other small-press dudes. He’s taken orders directly from folks.

Chris is good people, a man I’m proud to call ally and friend.

– Ryan

P.S. Dude can’t hold his liquor. Man alive, he can’t. :)


7 Responses to Folks I Admire: Chris Hanrahan

  1. Everytime I read something about folks praising EndGame Oakland (which I’m sure is deserved) it makes me really wish I lived in the area. Glad to know the mind behind it is also good people.

  2. Noam says:

    Chris is awesome. Endgame is quite possibly the best game store in the world. Minicons are great. I greatly admire all the hard work that he (and the other staff) put into their events and the upkeep of the store in general. The amount of goodwill that stems from just being vocal, friendly, responsive and knowledgeable is amazing. Every time I get to go to the store is a real pleasure and I’m always entering and exiting with a smile (and usually leaving with a new purchase as well!)

  3. John Taber says:

    Here here. I want to put in a voucher for the strength of the 2d6 Feet podcast as well. Yes, there are occasionally references to Bay Area RPG stuff but overall it is a fun podcast with a lot to offer.

    Keep up the good work Chris! :D

  4. Brian Isikoff says:

    Yea, I admire Hanrahan as well. Shame his co-host is such an ass. ;)

  5. Here, here. Thanks for good and positive posts. And yes, Chris rocks.

    Funny, I’d been thinking of writing some posts along the same lines as this but hadn’t. You doing it prompts me to add to the general positivity.

  6. pie says:

    Hanrahan rules! for a while i had the good fortune of being a member of the same rpg group as him, but other obligations forced him to set that down, so now i just see him at the store and on twitter. hope to rock some rpgs with him again sometime soon!

  7. I hardly know Chris Hanrahan, but I know this: he is funny, temperate, well-informed, reasonable, and a nice guy. I hope to see him a lot more this year. A good guy.