Monthly Archives: March 2011

Advice for New Bloggers

I have a number of friends who are starting up blogs[1], and I’ve been giving the same advice over and over. So instead of repeating myself, I decided to make a post I can just point to. I talked about this when talking about my blogging goals for the year, but here’s something more concrete.

Concept to Shelf Episode 2

Chris Hanrahan & I have just released the second episode of our short podcast series on publishing RPGs & selling into retail, Concept to Shelf. In this episode, we talk about the math some, which we call “Not losing your shirt?” Check out the episode here. It runs just under 26 minutes. After letting the

A Strange, New Realization

Reading Influencer: The Power To Change Anything has changed how I see things in some places.[1] Or, rather, has made me realize how I think about decisions on life. And there’s one that’s been really strange to have crystalize into a coherent thought. A bit ago, I mentioned some wisdom from Josh Roby about eating

Folks I Admire: Chris Hanrahan

Today I’ll talk about one of my favorite peeps, Chris Hanrahan, one of the owners of Endgame in Oakland, California. Chris, along with the other owners of Endgame, run one of the cleanest, brightest, most inviting hobby games stores I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. You can see pictures of the store, but they

Interview about Drifting Games

Eddy Webb, John Wick and I were on The Walking Eye podcast for one of their round table discussions. Kevin Weiser of said show wanted to talk with us about “drifting the rules of role-playing games.” From their site: Kevin sits down with Ryan Macklin, John Wick, and Eddy Webb to discuss the pros and

Thoughts on The Long Game

I’ve been talking about The Long Game for a bit now, but today I’m going to get into it. There are two “games” we can play as creative-types: The Short Game and The Long Game. And we always, always, always start out playing The Short Game. So I’ll start by talking about that. The Short