Monthly Archives: February 2011

Why Critique Has No Home On The Internet

I certainly have a lot to talk about today! Between reactions to a tweet I did on Monday about hate, to how people are reacting to my Jennisodes comment on mediocrity (reactions from Rob Donoghue, Greg Christopher), to, well, I have a laundry list of topics. I’m going to roll the first two together. I mentioned

Doing What You Love

Yesterday, I saw this ad on a bus stop. I have to say, it bothered the fuck out of me some: Look at the bottom: Win $100K to do what you love The problem is that we live in a world where people think this is how you “do what you love.”  That you need

Interview on Creating An Internet Presence

Quick post today, because if you want to hear stuff I think about, you can in audio form! I got interviewed by ever-lovely Jennifer Wong/@trapcast_jenn about creating an Internet presence. I’ll be honest: this interview terrified the living fuck out of me. I didn’t really know if I had anything useful to say. Imagine my surprise