Interview on Creating An Internet Presence

Quick post today, because if you want to hear stuff I think about, you can in audio form!

I got interviewed by ever-lovely Jennifer Wong/@trapcast_jenn about creating an Internet presence. I’ll be honest: this interview terrified the living fuck out of me. I didn’t really know if I had anything useful to say. Imagine my surprise when I started opening my mouth.

The interview & show notes are at her site, Jennisodes.com. She’s one of those folks whose show notes and both good & concise, so visit there — I won’t copy & paste, as it’s long. I’ll be listening to it as well, once it’s up on iTunes, to remember what I said. If there’s anything I’m dying to add, I’ll add it here and to her forum thread.

The episode is 1:07:20 long, and edited. Yay editing!

Also, you get to hear the origin story of the Ryan Macklin/Paul Tevis partnership! At the end, you get to hear me rant a little bit about how we keep rewarding mediocrity.

Jenn’s got some great Internet Presence-fu herself. I woke up to a crapton of notes on Twitter saying the episode’s good. So, thank’s Jenn! :)

– Ryan


One Response to Interview on Creating An Internet Presence

  1. Jason Pitre says:

    Astounding interview, chiefly because it let me ponder my true motivations for my design and P.R. efforts. I realized that i am really in this to help foster awesome games, be they from my hands or someone elses. Realized i was just a young and eager designer trying to cross the the Fan-Pro barrier simply so that i could contribute in a meaningful way. Thanks Ryan.