Monthly Archives: February 2011

“Hey, Rewrite This”

A friend of mine just now IMed me to ask a question regarding developmental editing, and I realized that I hadn’t yet talked about this here. How do you politely say “Please go back and take another look at this whole section as I don’t think you’ll be pleased with what you’ll see, and it’s

Sometimes Your Game Will Be Meh

I caught a Twitter exchange this morning between Sage La Torra & Jonathan Walton that made me think about my own early experiences. They were talking about dealing with feedback and worrying that their games aren’t good enough. Here’s the thing: They never will be. Seriously. I look back at games I’ve worked on, some

Eating Lunch

Here’s some wisdom from Josh Roby (@joshroby) that I was reminded of today. To paraphrase, as this was told to me in person a few weeks ago: I used to delay getting lunch. I would think about what I wanted for lunch, and hem & haw over the decision. I would wait a good couple

Critique: Anti-Recommendations

First of all, I’m swamped with some stuff, so these critiques will come in more of a trickle. Because of that, I’m willing to try this experiment for a couple weeks or so, rather than try to shoot my metaphorical wad in one go. Second, I want to focus on one critique at a time,

How to Lose Impulse Sales, e23

Rare Sunday post! I just (at the time of this writing) tried to buy something on e23 because I couldn’t find my copy physically around — GURPS Cabal, by the master of gaming horror, Kenneth Hite. It’s been years since I used my e23 account, so I’ve forgotten my username. Here’s the really crappy user

My Next Attempt at Organization

This month, I’m trying a new life organization technique, inspired by a dear friend and some thoughts from Getting Things Done. I’m getting things I need to do out of my head and onto post-it notes, a calendar, and a list on my wall. I used to try solely electronic methods, but for some reason