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GMs Seminar at Endgame, March 19th 2011

Mike Montesa, Brian Isikoff, Sean Nittner and I are putting together a really cool event at Endgame on March 19th, 2001: our first GMs Seminar! You could find out more on Mike’s blog post, or see what I’ve cut and pasted here! If you’ve been to my Bringing Your ‘A’ Game seminars in the past,

On Luck and Wisdom

Luck and Wisdom aren’t just RPG stats! They’re guiding principles for how I try to live as a creative professional. There’s what I call the Donoghue-Macklin concept of luck, which started as something Rob Donoghue said (italicized), with my addendum added (underlined): Luck is largely about paying attention and having the will to act. Getting

Happy Changes with

I made this announcement yesterday on the RPG Podcasters mailing list. And since talking to a few score new media junkies is pretty much like making an announcement public, I decided it’s worth putting here (annotations & links not in original): Subject: The future of Gang! It’s with great awesome that I have some news

Thoughts on Opportunities

A couple months ago, I told a dear friend the following. She said she has it on a post-it note on her wall now. So I thought maybe someone else in blogland might make use of it. Opportunities do not stop coming if you continue walking forward. No matter how slowly, forward is still forward.

Mutant Healing Aspect

I have geeked about this in person for a bit, but I don’t think I have on my blog yet. One of the reasons I like Fate and other games that have Aspect-like things (including all those games that have lifted Aspects whole-hog) is because it lets story logic happen naturally in a game. And

Making Sympathetic Antagonists

The other day I said on Twitter: My method of making antagonists: come up with a hurtful behavior & a target, then backfill the history until the antag becomes sympathetic. It met with some resistance, as people said they find players want one-dimensional villains. But then I said “antagonists” and not “villains.” There is a