Happy Changes with RPGPodcasts.com

I made this announcement yesterday on the RPG Podcasters mailing list. And since talking to a few score new media junkies is pretty much like making an announcement public, I decided it’s worth putting here (annotations & links not in original):

Subject: The future of RPGPodcasts.com


It’s with great awesome that I have some news to share. After talking it over, I’ve decided to find someone to take over RPGPodcasts.com for me, someone with passion and knowledge and elemental badassery. That someone is David “Lotion Magnet” Pinilla.[1]

I’ve recognized for a year now that I have lots of ideas for what to do to make RPGPodcasts.com more awesome. But, like, I have no time or energy to actually *do* those things. And much like the RPG Bloggers did, I decided to find someone to take over for me interested in those things.

I’ll still help around, as much as I can and David wants. And I won’t stop being a mouthy fuck overall. But after next week, we’ll make the transition and it’ll be his baby. I’ll *try* to wrap up the outstanding issues people have mailed me about, but no guarantees — no one pays me for this, and I am in dire need of cash monies, so paying work comes first.

This is probably a good thread for questions or comments or whatever. Especially because it’s timed right before David flies to Vegas for PodcastoCon or Drinky McDrinktime or whatever the kids are calling it, thus being largely unavailable for comment on the internet. Whee timing.

Mack out.

I pitched David this idea I think around Christmas, and had him think on it. And I’m glad he accepted, because I honestly don’t know who else I would trust to do the job well and have the passion for it. Remember how I mentioned a bit ago that we should know our limitations, and that there is something awesome to being done? This was on my mind when I made those comments.

Now it’ll be able to grow with someone else tending to it. This pleases me more than I can really express — I consider it a great thing to have made something that can be handed off to another. My irreverence in the initial post is, of course, because of my target audience. And because I was frankly very happy to be typing that at that moment.

– Ryan

[1] The context more or less exists in podcasterland, but David’s the guy behind Spooky Outhouse Productions and his own show, The Podge Cast. SOP has been something that’s impressed me over the last couple years, and David has passion & tech know-how. So, natural choice. Thank fuck I was able to con him into this thankless, moneyless task.[2]

[2] I mean, yay for David. RPGPodcasts.com will add to his life and get him laid by thousands of women who are also made out of hundred dollar bills or whatever. Yes. That’s it.[3]

[3] On second thought, that sounds really painful. Ow.


2 Responses to Happy Changes with RPGPodcasts.com

  1. Walsfeo says:

    So the bacon ran out?

    Seriously though, thanks for all the good work you’ve done and for finding a suitable inheritor for the project.

  2. jessecoombs says:

    Thanks for all the hard work, man! The site has turned me on to lots of good stuff over the years! I am happy for you as well, and excited to see what the new, focused, finely-tuned Day Macklin will do.