GMs Seminar at Endgame, March 19th 2011

Mike Montesa, Brian Isikoff, Sean Nittner and I are putting together a really cool event at Endgame on March 19th, 2001: our first GMs Seminar! You could find out more on Mike’s blog post, or see what I’ve cut and pasted here!

If you’ve been to my Bringing Your ‘A’ Game seminars in the past, either at NeonCon or impromptu BarCon ones, you know how great of an opportunity this is. And with Mike, Brian & Sean speaking, it’ll be a hell of a day of GM craftsmanship and geekery.

Side note: I’m also doing this seminar at the upcoming DunDraCon next month! But that’s a separate announcement, and it’s never the same seminar twice, as it’s focused on the needs of the crowd.

The GMs Seminar
Saturday, March 19
At EndGame
10AM – 4:30PM
Fee: $20

Join the EndGame community of GMs for a day of discussion and workshops about running roleplaying games! Brian Isikoff, Ryan Macklin, Mike Montesa and Sean Nittner will be on hand to share their experiences and advice for getting the most out of your game, your players, and yourself!

Spin Up the Jump Drive: Gaining Player Buy-in and Team Building at the Table, with Brian Isikoff

Having trouble getting a campaign started up and firing on all cylinders? Brian shows you how to get everyone involved and invested in the game.

Fall in! Running Military Themed RPGs, with Mike Montesa

Have you ever watched a movie like Saving Private Ryan, The Great Escape, or a TV show like Band of Brothers and wanted to do something like that in a game? And then you thought, naw, it’ll never work? Mike will discuss ways of achieving the drama of a good war story, and touching on things like handling chain-of-command, adventure design and other issues and challenges specific to roleplaying in the context of a military setting.

Practical Props, with Sean Nittner

At the table, in nearly every game, is the opportunity to turn generic components into props that reinforce the themes and flavor of your game. Sean will be talking about converting over all your generic basics like dice, character sheets, and in game currencies into tailored props that help the game come alive and act as constant reinforcement of the setting to the players.

Bringing your ‘A’ Game, a GM Workshop by Ryan Macklin

Ryan Macklin will run a 2-hour, hands-on workshop on GMing techniques, based on the problems you’re dealing with today. He’ll help you find ways to address problems with preparation, dealing with people at the table, and executing a smooth session. Get and keep your players hooked on your game while making your GMing easier with Ryan’s help.

To register for the seminar, send an email to: EndGameGMSeminar@gmail.com
In the subject line put: EndGame GM Seminar Registration
Please include your full name.

After Mike receives your email, he will send you a PayPal request for the registration fee. Once you have paid the fee, you’ll receive confirmation as a seminar attendee.

Doors open at 10am and the seminar begins at 11am. Coffee and pastries available for registered attendees. Seminar materials will be provided but bring your own notebook!

Space is limited to 25 attendees, so don’t wait to sign up! (Note: we’ve had at least seven sign-ups so far, so seriously, don’t delay!)

“But I’m on the wrong coast,” you say

Fly out.

No? Okay. Well, then you should check out what they’re doing in DC on that same day: A Taste of Fiasco, at Labyrinth Games. Jason “The Ferret” Morningstar will be there.

Still can’t make it? I don’t know, go celebrate Purim? Tends to be a hell of a party. Or continue recovering from St. Patrick’s Day. I probably will be.

– Ryan


8 Responses to GMs Seminar at Endgame, March 19th 2011

  1. Laura says:


    Sheer envy. I either need to work helping create these kinds of events in Tucson or come into enough money that I can fly out for Endgame events….

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      Jason Corley at SAGA does a GM Conference in Tucson every six months or quarter or something like that. Those are what we’re patterning after.

      – Ryan

  2. Wayne West says:

    I’d be happy if we had game conventions in southern NM/El Paso! Here’s hoping that RinCon continues to grow with more seminars and such.

    Can’t say I’ve had any good experiences in games that had chain of command. Played Twilight 2000 when it came out back in 1984 and no one in our group had any experience in the military or with chain of command, ran in to a similar problem playing the Star Trek RPG when two command-level officers got in to a fist fight. Can’t remember who the people were, can remember it made a total mess of the game.

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      Yeah, chain of command can make a game…interesting. I’m looking forward to Mike’s talk!

      – Ryan

  3. John Powell says:


    • Ryan Macklin says:


      Unlikely, due to logistics of recording at Endgame and needing the permission of all attending. (And I’m sure Sean’s talk will be podcast-unfriendly, unless he rubs the props over the mic. *grin*)

      (Okay, that sounds way dirtier than it originally did in my head.)

      – Ryan

  4. Dennis says:

    It looks awesome. I’d be there is a heartbeat but I’d rather gouge out my own eye with a dull rusty spoon, than do business with PayPal ever again. :)

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      This might sound strange, but you could try emailing Mike at the address and, you know, asking for an alternate payment method. :)

      An aside: I know people occasionally talk about it, but in a PayPal-dominated e-commerce world, choosing to not go through PayPal is like cutting off your foot because you stubbed your toe. (Said as someone who spent nearly a decade building & maintaining e-commerce software.)

      – Ryan