Monthly Archives: January 2011

You Don’t Own Your Message

Say you’re going to post something up on the internet — a tweet or FaceBook status, a video, a blog post, whatever. Here’s something key to keep in mind when dealing with people checking that out: you don’t actually own your message. Simple statement, complex idea. To break it down some, hopefully, we’re dealing in

How Our Covers Look In Stores

This post is pretty visual, because I think we as indie publishers need to understand what our books look like on various shelves. Here are some snaps I’ve taken over the last year, taken from: Endgame in Oakland, CA; Games of Berkeley in Berkeley, CA; and The Source Comics and Games near Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

A Tool for Leverage Masterminds

I’ve run Leverage RPG a couple times since PDF release[1], and I’ve run into a bit of slowness when it comes to people deciding what to do next. So I made this framing device for the game I ran last Sunday, and it worked well. But I’m looking to flesh it out a bit more.

Panels at DunDraCon 2011!

[Edit: Thanks to the power of my accidental SEO fu, if you’re looking for the panels & seminars at DunDraCon, go here.] I’m pretty damned excited to announce some stuff I’ll be doing at DunDraCon 2011, February 18th-21st in San Ramon, CA. I’ll be hanging out with the redoubtable Jennifer Brozek, drinking at the hotel

Don’t Define with the Negative

One thing I see often from writers is that they’ll start talking about something that they’re passionate about…by talking about what it isn’t. Let’s not call out anyone I’ve worked with[1], and instead take some old Mythender text (pulled out of my head): Mythender is not a game about going from zero to hero, or

Internal vs World Compels

Remember last week’s post on Mutant Healing Aspects?[1] And Brad Murray’s follow-up? It triggered some more thoughts regarding compels in Fate, and the difference between an “internal” compel and a “world” compel. Let’s take a fun example: Renowned Rakehell. It’s nice and alliterative. Also, it’s totally Bond. Internal Compels An internal compel is one where