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The Ending of Finis

Back in July 2007, I made a book.[1] I had this weird idea, which is where the Paul Tevis quote of “My friend Ryan has strange ideas” comes from. The idea took the form of a unique charity project, centered around spoofing Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Finis: A Book of Endings A Book of

Folks I Admire: Jennifer Brozek

Today is Jennifer Brozek‘s birthday, so I thought I would do another Folks I Admire. I’ve known Jenn for years. She & I met through a mutual friend (who has enjoyed talking about how she knew both of us before we were nerd-famous), and we hit it off. A fantastic writer and a fair editor[1],

Adventure Games and the Myth of Arcs

So, a bit ago I made the distinction between Story Games and Adventure Games. Lately, I’ve been thinking about that a bit, and a long conversation between Paul Tevis, John Wick, and some other fine folks whose names I’m spacing on, I hit on another thought: When it comes to role-playing games, dramatic arcs do not