Folks I Admire: Jennifer Brozek

Today is Jennifer Brozek‘s birthday, so I thought I would do another Folks I Admire.

I’ve known Jenn for years. She & I met through a mutual friend (who has enjoyed talking about how she knew both of us before we were nerd-famous), and we hit it off. A fantastic writer and a fair editor[1], Jenn’s helped me become the writer and editor I am today.

She has a monthly web magazine, The Edge of Propinquity, that I was a part of for the first year. She was the first editor to treat me like a professional writer (well before I deserved it, frankly), and we’ve worked together off and on for the past few years. When I think of people who are making it as freelancers, I think of her. When I think of people to model after as a professional, I think of her. When I think of people who can turn random things into inspired stories, again, I think of Jenn.

Jenn wrote for me back in 2007, for my anthology, Finis: A Book of Endings. (Which is–or will be very shortly–on sale until the end of the year, for $10 or $5 for PDF. And then won’t be available again after that.) Those of you who have praised my editing have Jenn to thank. Working with her as a writer and on Finis taught me how to do this job, and I am in her debt.

She and I have kept in touch, and lately she took a story of mine for an anthology due out next year, Human Tales (to be published by Dark Quest books). She leaked the table of contents a bit ago. Hell of a line-up there.

So, if you’re a fan of mine, check out some of the stuff she’s worked on, either in fiction or gaming. If you happen to have one of her books, she’s asked for one thing for her birthday: to have pictures sent to her of folks with her books. (I’m about to go do that, since trying to take one of myself holding a book looked ridiculous. I’ll edit this post with said picture once I got it.)


– Ryan

[1]I still sometimes wince at the…fairness. And use that as my model for editing.