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Notes on the Seven Layer Convention Burrito

A bit ago, I wrote about the Seven Layers of a Convention Game, or what I’ve come to call the Seven Layer Convention Burrito[1]: Pre-game Preparation Introductions & Initial Rapport During-game Preparation & Context Setting Early Game Mid Game Late Game Exit I’ve been asked by some folks to expound on this, and normally I’m

Letter-Writing as Draft-Writing

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re making a game. And let’s call this game oh, I don’t know, something totally out of the air…Mythender. You’ve run this game at least 50 times at conventions and a bunch at home, and you’ve made characters over and over and over again. So you should know how to write

Audience Participation: Con GM Problems

Hey! So, in a new segment I’m calling “Audience Participation,” I will ask you guys for some input! Here goes. Let’s assume, hypothetically, that I’m working on a book with some really cool people about being a convention GM. Yes, hypothetically. And we’ll assume that you’re the target audience for this book. With all that

Your Mind is Late-War Germany

For the last several years, I’ve been thinking about text design in role-playing games. Thinking about clarity of information, about voice, about flow, about organization, about all that shit. This is why people keep asking me to edit their books — Fred Hicks has said that my superpower[1] is that I know exactly what the

The Walmsley Principle

Yesterday I violated Hindmarch’s Law and commented on a Story-Games thread about Sexiness and Games. Apparently it’s a weird topic for some people because, well, fuck if I know. I don’t really care about that debate, because it’s entirely about a preference at the moment and not Bad Wrong Fun either way.[1] Graham Walmsley posted

Flowchart: “You’re Wrong”

Inspired by a recent comment, I made this flowchart. Expect more of these on occasion — I even made a category and everything.