NC Podcasts: NeonCon & Narrative Control

Three different podcasts had me on over the last week, two of them taken at NeonCon.

OgreCave GNU – NeonCon ’10 (Ryan Macklin/Mythender)

Allan Sugarbaker and I talk about Mythender, which I ran for him and some other fine folks at NeonCon. We talk for around fifteen minutes about the game and my plans for it.

This Just In From NeonCon: Ryan Macklin and Josh Roby’s Vicious Crucible

Josh Roby & I are working on a new game, Vicious Crucible. We had Sean Nittner try it out, and talked about it on his show for around 25 minutes.

Narrative Control – Episode 55 – Player Trust

Another Nittner-Macklin combo, Sean & I talk about player trust in games. His show notes are extensive, so you’ll know if you want to listen by reading them. :) This episode is 33 minutes long.

All told, that’s barely more than an hour of me mouthing off. Some of you take longer to drive to work. So, hey, enjoy.

– Ryan


3 Responses to NC Podcasts: NeonCon & Narrative Control

  1. jessecoombs says:

    So, what is Vicious Crucible about? The site only has a placeholder!

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      We’ll have something better than a placeholder but the week’s end. In the meantime, listen to the episode. :)

      – Ryan

  2. Mike Olson says:

    Interesting to hear you talk about your experiences playing Morgan’s Doom of Damocles scenario — I’ve played in it twice myself, and neither time did things go the way they did for you and your group (fortunately for us). It’s amazing what a difference the right or wrong bunch of people can make when it comes to certain games, even when you have a great GM like Morgan.

    And by “right or wrong,” I just mean “up for it or not up for it.”