Folks I Admire: E. Foley

(Occasionally, I’m going to do this thing where I talk about someone y’all should be aware of. These’ll be short, so the verbal felicitating will be kept to a minimum. Here’s the kick-off of that.)

I admire the hell out of E. Foley, on Twitter as @geeksdreamgirl. And I think she should be on your radar.

I found out about her back at Gen Con 2009, when I saw this flyer for her dating profile service, Geeks’ Dream Girl. It caught my attention mainly because I was (and still am) a single geek dude[1], so I checked out her site. There I found a lot of advice. She has a small team of writers blogging and answering questions that folks have.

More importantly, I found a sense of hope. I found a sense of encouragement. And while I wasn’t looking to take her up on her services at the moment[2], I respected the hell out of her and what she’s doing. I mean, here I am making nerd stuff that people enjoy, but it’s an ephemeral joy. She’s helping people who typically have low confidence in the turbulent arena of dating get some, get out there, and try. If you succeed, that’s a lasting joy. This thing she’s doing kicks ass.[3]

(The astute reader will recognize her name from an episode of This Just In From Gen Con! 2010 alongside Adam Jury.)

This past Gen Con, she did a dating doctor clinic, seminar on dating success, and a speed dating event. I’ll admit that I was a little incredulous to the latter idea (not that I voiced it — I’m no expert on such things), being a place where geeks are flying across the country and possibly being too lopsided on guys attending, but she made it work and it sounded like a wicked success.[4] She tried this chancy experiment and it paid off. And I respect anyone that takes bold chances when others, even me, would nay-say.

I say all that to say: folks, she’s going to be at NeonCon this weekend. While I don’t believe she has anything on the books at the moment, if you think you could use her services or even just a few minutes talking with her, man, that’s why she’s there. Let her help you be awesome. Follow her on Twitter; I’m sure that’s where she’ll announce stuff.

For some of you–like, say, me years ago–you need a little more emphasis: Guys, gals, she often takes on people who think they’re hard-luck cases. She can help you, if you want her to. But she can only help you if you ask.

To cap this off, I admire her because she’s genuinely trying to help people find that happiness that so often eludes us. I’ve gotten to hear her be super-excited about her marriage success stories. If more people on the Internet were about helping people and building them up rather than tearing them down or proclaiming doom, the world would be an infinitely better place.

– Ryan

[1] …ladies. (Man alive, the compels I have to deal with.)

[2] NeonCon will be my 20th appearance this year. That sort of schedule kills a potential dating life. Which is one of many reasons next year I’m going to reduce my travel considerably.

[3] Seriously, it totally kicks ass. This is a footnote of emphasis.

[4] To be fair, I wasn’t there and mine is not a universally-held opinion. But my point on trying something stands, especially when it yields results.


2 Responses to Folks I Admire: E. Foley

  1. E. Foley says:

    *hugz* You are far too kind, sir. :-)

  2. rsaintjohn says:

    I’m right there with you. One, she’s a delight to follow on Twitter. Two, I am recently separated and struggling with that a bit, but just knowing GDG is out there for me if I want it (once I’ve minimized my baggage!) is a relief. I’d been married to a non-geek for over 12 years and see now how I shortchanged myself. The thought that there is smart help out there to help me *help myself* do better next time is kind of exciting, not a feeling I’d expect to be having right now. Thanks for this post (and thanks EF!)