RinCon 10

Hey! So, I one of the guests at the upcoming RinCon in Tucson, AZ[1] from October 8-10. I am doing stuffs! If you’re going, these might be of interest to you:

Friday 6p-or-whenever: Macklin-Tevis Mindmeld

Paul Tevis and Ryan Macklin want to talk about something, but we also want to have beer. So we’re going to do a thing that’s off the con books. We’re going to gather at some place, sit down, possibly record the conversation, and talk about pacing in GMless games. It’s something we’ve wanted to brainstorm about for a bit…though for what, we’re not going to say just yet. :)

I’m going to be using Twitter to organize this, so if you want in then follow me on Twitter.

Saturday 10a-2p: Playtesting Mythender (RPG Playtesting Extravaganza)

Come and experience the latest indie RPGs before they are published! Special guest Ryan Macklin (Dresden Files) joins Jerry Tidwell, Eric Boyd and Colin Mulkerin to demonstrate their latest creations. Do you want to stab Odin in his good eye and make the world around you tremble with change and power? Then you want to try Mythender, an upcoming Evil Hat/Ryan Macklin game about epic power and consequence. Eric Boyd brings a high-flying heist game, “House of Cards”. Atelier is “Touched by an Angel” meets Mage: The Ascention, in an alternate apocalyptic 1930s America. You play a mojo-enhanced emotional troubleshooter who helps people reconnect with each other in the midst of a magical dust storm bent on driving humanity into estrangement and extinction – brought to you by Jerry Tidwell. And Colin Mulkerin brings his local favorite “Trilogy”, a card-based fantasy short story game! You won’t just get to play, you’ll also get to give much needed feedback and be a part of the design process up close and personal!

Saturday 2p-6p: Dresden Files

The Dresden Files novel series has excited fantasy and mystery fans for years, and now the Dresden Files RPG is lighting a fire in the roleplaying community! Come and experience the fantastical mysteries in a modern setting – wizards, faeries and psychics contend with crooked cops, backstabbing femme (or homme!) fatales, and strange crimes. Game creator Ryan Macklin will show you how to play this exciting new roleplaying game – no prior experience necessary!

Saturday 6p-10pm: Houses of the Blooded LARP

Last year’s Houses of the Blooded LARP was the event everyone was talking about. John Wick brings the unique world of the Ven back to RinCon with the Houses of the Blooded LARP. Houses of the Blooded is a fantastic RPG of a decadent culture of ambition, romance, revenge, art and politics, in which the players take on the roles of nobility engaging in a deadly game of espionage, sabotage and assassination. In the LARP, all the major players gather together…secrets will be exposed and grudges will be carried out. No prior experience is needed to play and characters will be provided.

(I’m merely going to be attending this. But holy crap this was fun last year.)

Sunday 10am-noon: GM Conference

The Southern Arizona Gamemaster’s Conference has offered ideas, training and discussion for over a year, and it returns to RinCon for a second session. Our presentations this year include many special RPG Guests: John Wick, a returning favorite of the SAGC, will present “Play Dirty: The Con Man”. This will be a revved up and revamped version of what he presented at the first Gamemaster’s Conference, so long-time attendees will have a special treat, and first-time attendees will be blown away (we already know.) Ryan Macklin will be our keynote speaker, and he will talk about “Creating Context Quickly and Collaboratively”, turning the first 30 minutes of a session into a rich setting for play. Since his Dresden Files RPG has a much-celebrated setting creation system, he is sure to have some exciting insights. Paul Tevis, another special RPG guest and creator of the innovative Penny For My Thoughts, will talk about “What Improv Taught Me About GMing”, a topic which many at previous conferences have expressed interest in.

Also, I’ll be a guest at NeonCon! When my schedule for that’s firmed up, I’ll have a post on that.

– Ryan

[1] I lived in Tucson when I was five years old. While I have very little memory of it (though one vague memory of my first schoolboy crush still exists).


6 Responses to RinCon 10

  1. Wayne says:

    I’m looking forward to it, driving down Thursday. I can’t recommend any good places for beer, I’d talk to the Pulp Gamer guys, but I can recommend some excellent Mexican food.

    I’m going to be running a test of Zombie Cafe 2.0, which is just a paring down of the deck, and my new game Copts & Robbers. No times yet.

  2. Wayne says:

    Thought of a place, in fact, it’s the Mexican food place, El Charro. It’s less than a mile from the hotel (I think) and has a cantina and an outdoor patio. IIRC, they’ve won awards for their margaritas. I’m not much of a drinker, so I really don’t know how big their cantina is or what the acoustics are like.

    I’d suggest you both bring your records with you, just in case of an equipment failure.

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      Thanks! I’ll keep that suggesting in mind. That said, our default is to gather around the hotel bar, I think. That’s typically a good place for conversation. That’s the Hotel Arizona, near the con center.

      – Ryan

    • Wayne says:

      I didn’t remember the hotel having a bar. It’s probably that I was always getting back to the hotel after it was closed.

      And how the heck did I type records instead of recorders? I think I need my brain examined.

  3. Matt :) says:

    But does the bar stay open late? I seem to recall that it, like the restaurant, closes distressingly early, even on the weekends.

    Worse case scenario, it IS closed and you all go to El Charro. It really isn’t that far and they do have some seriously yummy margaritas. :D

  4. Wayne says:

    How did the mindmeld go? Was it recorded and shall be posted, or does it fall under the soopersekrit book project like the GM conference recording?