Monthly Archives: August 2010

Overthinking is Toxic

(I posted on Twitter yesterday that this would be called “Overthinking is Masturbation”, and it is, but I had further thoughts this morning. Heh.) One of my many flaws is that I procrastinate in the form of “thinking about what I need to do.” I like to take long walks and muse about shit: story

Podcasts and Seasons

I’ve mentioned before that I think more podcasters take the idea of “seasons” as a silly, “let’s pretend we’re real media” way. Like, “ohh, look at us, we’re season 2! Aren’t we keen!” Not that I mind people having fun, playing around at something, whatever, but I feel like if that’s what someone thinks of

Now I mourn the passing of another Gen Con…

Another Gen Con has passed, and now we ring in the new gaming year the way we ring in the new true year — by talking about antics we participated in and antics we missed during the New Year’s Party that is Gen Con. The lovely and badass Jen Dixon of The Walking Eye Podcast

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts…

For someone who has supposedly retired from podcasting, I have been a bit prolific lately. But first, some congratulations: Canon Puncture hit episode 100! Woo! The guys over at CP are pretty awesome, and watching them grow into the show they’ve become over the years has been really neat. I wish them the best of