This Just In…From Gen Con!

Hey! I’m happy to announce that we’re doing This Just In…From Gen Con! for the third year in a row! (Which also answers the question: yes, I’ll be at GenCon! I’m also working the Indie Press Revolution booth this year.)

I’ll be joined by Kevin Weiser of The Walking Eye podcast. I met him last year, and we hit it off, so I thought I’d bring him on to help me run the show. We’re sponsored this year by Sandstorm Productions, which is totally badass! We’re totally looking forward to it! In the next couple days, we’ll reboot the website and put up the first episode.

Point of this point, aside from reminding you that we exist (and I’ll do it again when we have content it) is to put out two calls:

Do you have a product you think we should be aware of?

If you do, let us know! You can email us about it at ThisJustInFromGenCon@gmail.com. It could be a role-playing game, board game, event, whatever. We’re looking for things to cover at the show, and the best way to make sure we know about your thing is to email us.

Do you want to be on This Just In?

We’ve emailed quite a few potential guests, some from previous years and some new, but we still have a couple holes to fill. If you’re interested in being on the show, email us at ThisJustInFromGenCon@gmail.com.

Thanks! Hope to see many of you at Gen Con!

– Ryan