The result of the ICONS contest

Hey! So, yeah, I took my sweet time here with my ICONS contest from late May. (I’ve had a bit of an insane few weeks, with moving, conventions,job changes and all that — apologies to those waiting for this!)

Per my rules, I had two entrants: Josh Rensch & Chris Czerniak. (I did discount Steve & Eddy, because of their ties to ICONS. No offence guys; I wanted some fans to win this one.)

So, Josh & Chris, here’s the deal:

You both win.

I haven’t had a chance to play ICONS yet, but I still think the character creation ideas will provide for a lot of fun just on their own. (I was hoping to get some time to play it in the last couple months, but it isn’t meant to be at the moment.)

I’ll be contacting you individually about your prize. Thanks for playing!

– Ryan


One Response to The result of the ICONS contest

  1. If you have the time (HA!) I’m looking to run an ICONS game at Gen Con. I’ve set up for Friday, 3-6 pm, which I know is right during TJIFGC. But I wanted to let you know. I would be willing to run an encore after the con on Sunday evening if that helps out. I’ll have the stuff with me.

    What’s the game? See here: http://www.dmperez.com/2010/07/23/my-gencon-schedule/comment-page-1/#comment-5003