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Emotional Resonance

I’ve been throwing around this term lately on Twitter, “emotional resonance.” To start the post off, here’s what I said: Current hypothesis (and future blog post): pacing mechanics without a place to slot emotional resonance fall apart. Math alone cannot solve. {hours later} Emotional resonance = people really (reliably) want to play the “talky” part

Say Things Badly

There’s something I tell people often when they start to get tripped up in a thought — be it playing a game, or trying to articulate a design, whatever: Say it badly now. Then we’ll work on saying it well. This comes from my own experiences where trying to state an idea well right away

Reward Systems and Paying Attention

Last week, I was having a Twitter conversation with the bane of my existence[1] Clyde Rhoer, sparked by this comment: What if your “good roleplaying” awards in a LARP were medallions that were given from one player to another like Fan Mail. I suggested that this was not particularly possible, and he asked me to

Adventure Games & Story Games

(Normally, I only allow myself one blog post per day at max. But seeing as the last one was just an announcement, I can bend the rules today.) As a story game designer, I often wonder what the difference is for me between story games and adventure games[1]. Oddly, the difference hit me while watching

The result of the ICONS contest

Hey! So, yeah, I took my sweet time here with my ICONS contest from late May. (I’ve had a bit of an insane few weeks, with moving, conventions,job changes and all that — apologies to those waiting for this!) Per my rules, I had two entrants: Josh Rensch & Chris Czerniak. (I did discount Steve

This Just In…From Gen Con!

Hey! I’m happy to announce that we’re doing This Just In…From Gen Con! for the third year in a row! (Which also answers the question: yes, I’ll be at GenCon! I’m also working the Indie Press Revolution booth this year.) I’ll be joined by Kevin Weiser of The Walking Eye podcast. I met him last