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The Bones and Gamer Joy

I pre-ordered The Bones from Gameplaywright Press this week. They have a hardcover special edition that I’m very, very eager to get my hands on. I have a few friends in this book, but even if not, I would have to buy it. See, every book I’ve seen with Will Hindmarch as editor or developer

The Past Two Years of my Life: Mythender

I’ve been working on Mythender since late 2007. People have asked me a lot of questions about it, especially recently as folks are starting to know me from stuff I’m involved with (like Dresden or IPR) but haven’t heard me talk about my pet love over the last couple years. So, I thought I would

By way of crow: the ICONS Contest

Many of you saw the post from the other day about ICONS, and some of you might have stuck around to see that Gareth and I cleared the air. I said I would post up a public apology here, and I was thinking about what to say. Then a friend and I were talking about

Happy Birthday, Robot!

Man alive, I and 87 other people got a hell of a gift this morning. Daniel Solis released a preview PDF of his upcoming childrens’ game, Happy Birthday, Robot! If you haven’t checked out this game, you owe it to yourself to watch this short movie (2m 6s): (Holy damn, that Solis kid has himself

I would like to spend money…

[EDIT: Scott Mathis pointed out in the comments that my intent for this post, to talk about how a particular marketing method doesn’t work and use my experience as a case study, was only discussed well in the comments. Sorry about that, folks! I forgot about my own rule regarding using the specific alongside the

Rolling What You Risk

[Yesterday, Josh Rensch and I were talking about this idea. He wants me to expand on it, and I figured it’s blog material.] Don’t Rest Your Head was one of those games that blew my mind. Anyone who’s known me for any length of time lately knows this. Fred & I have geeked about its