Drinking from the Fire Hose

Fred Hicks mentioned on his blog a bit about his stepping down as IPR’s customer service guy, and me stepping in. I’ve been IPR’s General Manager[1] since September of last year. The entire time, I’ve characterized it as drinking from a fire hose. Just as I’m starting to get comfortable with my role as Brennan’s lieutenant, I have decided to turn the hose on a little harder by taking over Fred’s role as well.

In his post, Fred outlined some of the negative side-effects of a thankless job. And let’s be honest, customer service is totally thankless. So then, why would someone want this job?[2] For one, being in such a role provides interesting insights into how a business like this works. I was a customer service/tech support guy years ago for a small ISP, and while the high points I think were obvious to me, it was the minutia that got my attention. I found it fascinating…when I wasn’t dealing with customer aggro. (Which, thankfully, my past experiences have helped me become a bit emotionally-teflon about such things.)

But, unlike when I worked at the ISP (and just needed a job because I was unemployed), I believe in what I’m selling here, in what I’m doing. I like a lot of the indie press folks and want to help them succeed. Even those I don’t know well I respect, because this thing we do — making and selling games — isn’t easy. So, while learning more about the business is interesting, I really took on the additional workload because Fred needed to pass the torch onto someone else, and I’m willing to take it up.

(I also have the advantage of having been an e-commerce app developer, so I understand far too well the technology.)

So I’m just going to have to widen my jaw to take more of the hose in.

– Ryan

[1] While Fred makes the superhero gag, I always make the “I’m IPR’s GM!” gag.

[2] If I wasn’t being serious, I would be torn between a Clerks & Fight Club quote here.


7 Responses to Drinking from the Fire Hose

  1. “So I’m just going to have to widen my jaw to take more of the hose in.”

    I’d like permission to quote this, repeatedly, out of context.

  2. Jason Pitre says:

    Thanks for stepping up to the plate, as both a developer and a fan, I am glad that you folks over at IPR exist.

    Thank you. :)

  3. Aidan says:

    While I appreciate the metaphor, this gay boy can’t help but snigger every time you referred to unhinging your jaw to take more hose in.

    That said – sounds like you’re the guy to have there! Congrats!

  4. Fred Hicks says:

    Your gag’s better.

  5. Fred Hicks says:

    And in light of Aidan’s comment, perhaps I should have added “reflex”. :->

  6. Chris Bennett says:

    Ryan, does this new customer service position render your General Manager position GM-less?

  7. Ryan Macklin says:

    Brad: Bring it!

    Jason: Thanks! I’ll continue to keep on keepin’ on, as that say.

    Aidan: I am glad my subtle humor is not missed.

    Fred: Talk about that is probably better for some other blog. ;)

    Chris: I don’t have a drink in hand…

    – Ryan