Three Announcements

This week has been a wealth of announcements by others about stuff involving me. So, in lieu of a real blog post with, you know, content ‘n shit, I’ll just link to the awesome folks that have accepted your humble author as a cohort.

Hey, did you know there’s a Leverage RPG in the works?

There totally is! From Margaret Weis Productions, the intro Leverage RPG product, entitled The Quickstart Job, is a taste of what’s to come. I suppose I could just link directly to the MWP page, but I’ll also point you to my esteemed colleague from Maryland, one Mr. Rob Donoghue, and his blog post on the subject. With quite the comment thread!

(I should note that a little birdie told me about the deal where if you pre-order Leverage, you get The Quickstart Job for free.)

Doing any more work with indie peeps?

I totally am! The ever-talented Elizabeth Shoemaker just this morning blogged about bringing me on board as the editor for her upcoming game, Blowback. I am totally stoked to be on this project and working with such awesomeness.

(As some of you are aware, I have been known to say that Elizabeth is one of the voices in the indie community that you should always pay attention to. She is smart, sharp, articulate, and just plain nice.)

Any announcements I can be even vaguer about?

Oh, man alive I totally can! Duane O’Brien. David A. Hill Jr. Will Robot. Ryan Macklin. Codename: Lunar Kitsch Missile. How’s that for totally vague, baby!

(I don’t really have a need for a parenthetical here. Whee!)

Now, I can’t really talk much (or, really, any) about these yet, except that they exist and I’m involved. But, watch them (or here, or my Twitter account) for updates as they come (or as I mouth off).

– Ryan


4 Responses to Three Announcements

  1. Daniel Solis says:

    And somewhere in all this is a hot pile of Do, right? ;)

  2. Ryan Macklin says:

    Daniel, you know I have an eye out for your beast. :)

    – Ryan

  3. Carl Rigney says:

    Whatever became of MYTHENDER?

  4. Ryan Macklin says:


    Well, Mythender does have a timeline now. I expect to have an update about that soon. But I won’t say when, as it depends on the turn-around time of others.

    – Ryan