Monthly Archives: March 2010

The GM is a Pacing Mechanic

(I should warn that this is a bit rambly. I’m more exploring a thought today than anything else.) I’ve been playing indie games for a few years now, and been tinkering with Forge-y designs for around as long. In that time, I’ve played with a bunch of different pacing mechanic ideas (more in GMless games

Setting is Key

The other day, Ogre Whiteside said the following on Twitter: A setting is not a game. Good or bad setting wank does not make a good or bad game. To which I stated a simple disagreement. Judd Karlman asked me to unpack that, so here’s a bit more. I must start by saying that I’m

Thoughts on Advice Text

Clearly, “Thoughts on…” is starting to be a thing I do. Best to keep it up. I was talking with Elizabeth Shoemaker recently, a quick chat about Blowback (which I mentioned previously that I’ll be editing). We were talking about hit points and why her game doesn’t have them, and the implications of what she

Thoughts on Character Creation Text

I’ve been working on the character creation text for Mythender lately, as my editor (the redoubtable Amanda Valentine, managing editor on The Dresden Files RPG) has given me the gift every writer needs: a deadline. So, I find myself going back through my old revisions and notes on the character creation, and have new opinions

Three Announcements

This week has been a wealth of announcements by others about stuff involving me. So, in lieu of a real blog post with, you know, content ‘n shit, I’ll just link to the awesome folks that have accepted your humble author as a cohort. Hey, did you know there’s a Leverage RPG in the works?

Me and Mage: the Ascension

This is my part in a multi-blog (and Twitter) conversation with Daniel Perez and JJ Lanza about our views on the older World of Darkness games and how we (in our relative hippiness) would retool them. Relevant reading: Daniel Perez on Rebuilding Vampire JJ Lanza on Mage: the Ascension (This will be a short post