Talks at Neoncon’s GamesU

The two talks that I did at Neoncon‘s GamesU are available for your viewing pleasure!

First is the Podcasting 101 panel I did with Ed Healy. It went pretty short, partly because there was a room snafu and we needed to clear out earlier. If you’ve heard either of us talk shop before, this won’t be new to you, but I still think it’s always good info. (Running time: 19:29)

Note: it does start a minute or two late, so you mainly miss Ed & I introducing ourselves & the beginning of my “so, here’s how I screwed up” bit.

Second is the “5 Major Design Mistakes” presentation I did with Leonard Balsera. That was a load of fun, as we riffed on and kept harassing the other as we talked. (Running time: 40:13)

Fun fact: a friend of mine who was watching live texted me when we were done, asking if Lenny & I were mistaken for lovers often. (And if that doesn’t get you to watch the video, I don’t know what will.)

Not that I was involved in them (except as occasional mouthy audience), but check out the other presentations online by going to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gamesu. I also believe some of them will be up elsewhere, as there was a second video crew (the one we were looking at in the panel with Lenny), which means that some of the videos that aren’t up on UStream now hopefully will be available somewhere later. If you’re interested, I recommend you follow @NEONCON on Twitter for updates.

And yes, I know — the pig hat is life.

– Ryan