One Cool Thing at RinCon ’09

So, I am still recovering from the very kick-ass RinCon ’09 in Tucson, AZ. Man alive, it was awesome. I mean, we got to meet…

…wait, a video is worth a thousand words.

Some of the stuff that got mentioned that you should totally check out:

Yes, I just did show notes for a One Cool Thing. My production technique is unstoppable!

– Ryan

Also, this dude named Wil also talked a bit about RinCon.


4 Responses to One Cool Thing at RinCon ’09

  1. Can we get the giant praying mantis in the HotB LARP? :-)

  2. Thanks for putting together this fantastic video, it really does a great job of capturing the awesomeness that was RinCon ’09! Hope to see you all next year!!1!

  3. angie k says:

    Castle Panic FTW.

  4. walkerp says:

    Wow! Man they’ve got it going on in Tucson! I’m jealous.