ENnies nominations!

Ever since the ENnie Awards in 2007,  I have been chief among those given a special honor: playfully jabbing at my good friend Paul Tevis’ Gold ENnie Award for Best Podcast.

“Oh, hey, it’s ENnie Award Winning Paul Tevis!” etc.

He has been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to turn the tables on me, and it looks like it’s possible this year.

But Master Plan and This Just In… weren’t nominated this year, Ryan! you say. And you’re right, they weren’t. But listen, silly rabbit, I don’t do just two shows. Oh no, I do three.

And that third show, the one I produce every month for IPR, The Voice of the Revolution, has been nominated for the ENnie Award for Best Podcast. This makes me happier beyond belief, as it’s a labor of love — working with Paul & Brennan is a joy, and even when technical issues color that with frustration, at the end of each month I have something I’m proud of and am happy to have my name attached to.

So, when voting time comes, I ask you: consider voting for The Voice. It’s the only way Paul will get to have his revenge on me.

Of course, that’s not the only product I’m involved in. Along with my editing The Voice, I also edited Evil Hat Productions’ Don’t Lose Your Mind — which, in my opinion, is one of the most badass books that conveys setting without being explicit about it. (I now understand the weird joy of seeing a book you edited be up for a “Best Writing” award. Not that I’m claiming “Hey, I earned that,” because that sweet, sweet writing was all the talented Benjamin Baugh. But the sense of being a part of someone else’s awesome, helping them achieve something wicked — that kicks ass, people. That’s why I do this thing.)

Finally, and while it goes without saying, it never should: Congrats to the other nominees! I am humbled (even if my prose doesn’t sound it, since, hey, media personality here) to be in your company.

– Ryan



5 Responses to ENnies nominations!

  1. Ah, but if The Voice wins Paul will then be “Twice Ennie Award Winning Paul Tevis” anyway!

    Will this madness ever end?!?

    I sure hope not! ^___-

    Congrats Ryan!

  2. Ryan Macklin says:

    Shhh. You’ll spoil my fiendish plot of more jabbing! ;)

    Thank you! Here’s to the madness not ending! :)

    – Ryan

  3. Fred Hicks says:

    As they say in the old country, “Woot”.

  4. Jeramy Ware says:

    Congrats Ryan. It was a really good year for you. All three of yours were put forward in the long list. You’ve done a really great job this year.

  5. Ryan Macklin says:


    Woot, indeed. And for Evil Hat as well. You know I always root for the family.


    Wow. To know Master Plan made it that far feels good — a few of us were speculating whether it would be discounted by the judged because it’s so niche. I, of course, hoped it would be nominated, but didn’t actually expect that to happen.

    I’d love to talk with you more about podcasting & the ENnies sometime, especially though a forum in which we aren’t judged for what we write online by others. :)

    – Ryan