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ENnies 2009 Voting!

Vote at! If you’re looking for other indie products nominated, check out

This Just In…From GenCon 2009 is live!

Hey! This Just In…From GenCon, the live podcast show that Paul Tevis & I did twice daily at GenCon last year, has just launched the first pre-GenCon episode for 2009! Check it out at: From the kick-off episode: Ryan kicks off this second year of This Just In with his co-host from last year,

ENnies nominations!

Ever since the ENnie Awards in 2007,  I have been chief among those given a special honor: playfully jabbing at my good friend Paul Tevis’ Gold ENnie Award for Best Podcast. “Oh, hey, it’s ENnie Award Winning Paul Tevis!” etc. He has been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to turn the tables on me, and it

A Montage hack for 4/e

In my D&D 4/e game, two of my three (yes, I only have three!) players are leaving in September. When I heard this, I told them that I’d like to see what paragon is like, as I’ve only seen lower-level Heroic. They were level 2, so we were going to level 11. We were also

Hacking Race for the Galaxy

While hanging out with two of my three local Race for the Galaxy crew on the 4th, I had a weird idea for a hack. We played it last night, after playing two disappointing games of Race (disappointing to everyone, including the winners) and one okay game. (I’ll get to the disappointment later.) The hack