Some Mythender comments & a commitment

Last weekend at Camp Nerdly, I ran a game of Mythender for four peeps, including one John Stavropoulos. John posted some badass comments about Mythender on Story Games, which I am happy to paste here.

Ryan had to stop me from giving him money. And money is tight and he hasn’t even written the game yet!!!

In Mythender you play the equivalent of a 30th level D&D character killing myths and gods before you are ended or fall to a fate worse than death… become a god yourself to be hunted by your fellow Mythenders.

Imagine stabbing Odin in his good eye and telling him how much of a little punk he his.

I played a pirate who was drowned by her own crew after she was sacrificed to the god of the ocean in hope they would reach shore.

Some games have beliefs or goals. In Mythender you have impossible drives. Yup, impossible. I swore to rid the earth of all oceans. Yup.

My weapons? I can literally take the water from you.

I’ve enslaved my former crew who now drag my ship around by land since I refuse to sail again.

And as I grow in myth I become less mortal. My tell tale was that there is an anchor embedded inside me connected to a chain dragging across the land infinitely back to the exact location where I drowned in the middle of the ocean.

My favorite part was when I wanted to become more mortal. I told a farmer who just lost his family that he was my father now and to tell me the bedtime stories he used to tell his children… the ones that just drowned due to the serpent. Wow. WTF!

When the GM says no to you… about anything… they write it down and give it a number. You can then attack it till the no becomes a yes.

Ryan… write the game. Now… do it now!


I would say “Dude, I’m working as fast as I can, but I don’t have time right this moment to finish the draft.” I would say that, but that’s effectively a “no,” and then I would assign some dice to that “no.” Then you would end that. So, I’m just going to cut to the chase and accept that I’m writing this draft even though I have half a dozen other things going on. :)

It’s my hope that I’ll have an initial rough draft by GenCon.

Yeah, I just publicly cited a date. Watch me totally blow past it.

As a little treat, let me post up John’s character:

Name: The Uncreated
Heroic Concept: Drowned pirate with enslaved undead crew
Origin: Mortal Europe (unspecified beyond that)
How You Became a Mythender: I drowned after my pirate crew sacrificed me
Character Reference: The girl from The Ring
Impossible Drive: Rid the earth of all oceans


  • I can take the water from you [Intrinsic, Mythic 1]
  • The scum that drowned me [Companion]
  • I’ve drowned…what the hell are you going to do? [Intrinsic]
  • My old cannon is my pistol [Relic]

Mantle of Power

  • Atmospheric Effect: It’s hard to breath around me
  • Paragon Mantle: Single chain drags behind me to infinity
  • Supernatural Mantle: Chains springing from me to all the oceans
  • Monstrous Mantle: Replace the oceans with my blood

Why the adventure matters to you: The Midgard Serpent has bested me in battle multiple times
(We didn’t do any of the other Relationships, since it’s a con game)

Final Mortal Fate: 6
Final Mythic Fate: n/a

Gifts Gained

  • Sureness [+upgrade to reduce cost]
  • Grievous Harm

Impositions Gained

  • The ocean is barren [5]

I should post up the other three from this game soon, and maybe write it up. I’m too infrequent of a blogger.

– Ryan


4 Responses to Some Mythender comments & a commitment

  1. faerieloch says:

    Wow! How things have changed…there were mechanics in there I’ve never heard of and Mantles I never dreamed of. We will have to play again.


  2. jessecoombs says:

    Atmospheric Effect and Why the Adventure matters to you are two very awesome things to have on the character sheet. I like this a lot.

  3. Ryan Macklin says:

    Nancy: I look forward to us trying it out again!

    Jesse: I’m still pondering a better name than “Atmospheric Effect.” Also, both of those have a mechanical effect — and the Mythender’s relationship to the adventure was one of the key pieces that started making it feel like an RPG rather than a narrative battle game.

    In a normal game, you also define your relationship to the other Mythenders you travel with and your relationship to your mortality.

  4. John is right, we’re just waiting in the wings to throw money at you! The game is truly mind-blowingly good!!! And the system is tight!

    For Atmospheric Effect… maybe Purlieu? or Perlieus? or maybe just Spectacle… or Spectaculum like the Romans!

    Anyway, Ryan, I really loved playing in Mythender! It was a wild ride!