Kind words about Master Plan

Amy Garcia, co-creator of Empire of Dust, has said some kind words on her blog about Master Plan:

Ryan Macklin’s 50th episode should be airing Tuesday, June 30th.  I believe that this specific episode is about A Penny for My Thoughts with Paul TevisI’m so excited. If anything can be said about Ryan, it’s his undying love and dedication to RPG’s and the roleplaying community.  I’m so grateful to him and all the work he does.  I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to Master Plan and just became completely inspired and empowered to create.

She is indeed correct — that’s the plan for MP #50, date and topic.

Daniel Solis has got something cooking up, apparently. The other morning, I was greeted with this from his blog (as well as a Story-Games thread):

Hey Everybody,

Ryan Macklin’s about to release the 50th episode of the Master Plan. Since 2007, he’s been ladeling out a thick, savory stew of game design advice into our dirty, orphan bowls.

His friends are asking you to send well-wishes, congratulations and otherwise humorous messages in an audio format. Post them online or send them straight to the man himself at:

ryan [at] masterplanpodcast [dot] net

Better hurry! The 50th episode will be released pretty soon and you don’t wanna be the chump sending belated congrats. :)

Y’all are generous with your praise. (The fact that this is text means you can’t hear how everything else is just me blundering and failing to find the words to express my gratitude to my awesome fans — especially with the audio I’ve received since Daniel posted that up.)

Thank you, both. Thank you, all.

– Ryan


One Response to Kind words about Master Plan

  1. Daniel Solis says:

    I’m just glad the plan has come to fruition. :)