Monthly Archives: June 2009

Kind words about Master Plan

Amy Garcia, co-creator of Empire of Dust, has said some kind words on her blog about Master Plan: Ryan Macklin’s 50th episode should be airing Tuesday, June 30th.  I believe that this specific episode is about A Penny for My Thoughts with Paul Tevis.  I’m so excited. If anything can be said about Ryan, it’s

A Penny For This Editor’s Thoughts

I was heavily involved in Paul Tevis’ recently-published book, A Penny For My Thoughts — as the books editor and (as he puts it) developer. While I’ve been damned proud of the work he — hell, we — put in to make the book what it is, I’ve been hesitant to talk about it online.

Rashid al-Jabbar, a Mythender Fated

So, I get to show off two kick-ass things today: one is a character sheet Fred Hicks made for Mythender, and another is one of my home group’s Mythenders — a Spanish Muslim noble who had traveled to Mythic Norden in order to convert the world. Specifically, I’m going tell you about the two Fates

Some Mythender comments & a commitment

Last weekend at Camp Nerdly, I ran a game of Mythender for four peeps, including one John Stavropoulos. John posted some badass comments about Mythender on Story Games, which I am happy to paste here. Ryan had to stop me from giving him money. And money is tight and he hasn’t even written the game