Monthly Archives: March 2009

Mythender Fan Art!

George Cotronis, the badass artist who did those haunting images in Don’t Lose Your Mind, did up an awesome piece of Mythender fan art based on what he’s read from forum posts & talking with me a bit about the game. (Click to embiggen) I recall something that Daniel Solis once said when I talked

Questions about Mythender

The other day, Carl Congdon (spookyfanboy on Story-Games) emailed me with some questions about Mythender. There's quite the thread on Story-Games about it, and both Chad Underkoffler & Remi Treuer have discussed their contact with Mythender some. But, Carl's got some great questions about the game overall that I don't think I've entirely addressed publicly. He shot me these three bits, so I'll answer them one at a time.