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Thoughts about the future of Dreamation

Context:  Vinny speaking at the Indie Roundtable at Dreamation and the various responses (initial post on Fred’s journal) The thought I had on Sunday night can be summarized as:  Provided the extra work is tolerated, some of Vinny’s concerns could be potentially solved with the enforcement of player-hour requirements for free GM badges. So, when

Getting your Macklin During this Drought

So, I’m about to leave for my OrcCon-Dreamation trip, and thus won’t be around the Internet much (except for Twitter, thanks to the ease of using it from my iPhone).  If you find yourself missing out of hearing me talk out of my ass about gaming crap, I sumbit these shows I’ve recently guested on:

Master Plan #43 is up

Master Plan #43: Interview with Crafty Games, Part 2 Right before heading off on a bi-coastal convention adventure, Ryan serves up the second half of the interview with Crafty Games. In this half, they talk about collaborating as a team and their main hurdles in revisiting their system & making Fantasy Craft & Mastercraft —

Downtime in Role-Playing Games

We all know that the Internet is full of people disagreeing. On rare occasion, that disagreement is actual civil and worth conversation. I believe that a quick little bit over Twitter between myself & the esteemed Jeff Tidball is one of those times (along with a question provided by Rich Rogers of Canon Puncture): RyanMacklin: