A Good Question

In my previous post, Marhault asked:

Howcome they get charged +3, +2, +1 and not +1, +2, +3? The latter would seem to incent the player to hold off for longer when charging. Is that not desirable in this case?

That is, in fact, a fantastic question.

The reason I went the way I did (and, incidently, you’re free to charge in any order) is because I think this presents more choices than the 1-2-3 method.  With that method, you have to check the +1 box of one of your traits on the first turn, so that’s prescribed.  On your next turn, you have the following choices:

  • Discharge your +1 box to roll four Storm dice rather than three.
  • Charge your +2 box and roll three Storm dice this turn.
  • Charge another trait’s +1 box.
  • The game-breaking move called “Grandstanding,” which doesn’t affect your charging at all (and can potentially kill you if its too early in the game, should you not have enough dice and roll poorly).

In many ways, there’s really only one option: Charge your +2 box on the same trait.  After all, you can either roll 4 dice right now, 3 next turn, and then 5…or you can check and roll 6 on the following turn.  You get the most bang for your buck that way.  Of course, from there it might have an interesting choice between “Do I check the +3, or do I cash out now?”  Something certainly answered by tempo.

In the current setup, with the diminishing returns, the choice is initially more interesting:  on the second turn, you could:

  • Discharge that +3 for 6 Storm dice.
  • Charge your +2 box, so you can roll 8 next turn.
  • Charge another +3 trait, so you can have two 6-dice turns in a row.
  • And, of course, Grandstanding.

Much, much more interesting to start, and with enough little options the game will sing.  But, in thinking about your question, I did have to wonder about the value of the +1 box.  Sure, it’s tempting to go from the +3 box to the +2 box so you have one turn with a lot of dice, but checking the +1 is silly — you might as well charge your other trait or something like that.  So, I revised the +1 box rule — if you charge the +1 box, when you discharge it you also get a sweet, sweet point of Mythic Power.  So, really, it’s: [+3], [+2], [+1/1MP], chargeable in whatever order you desire.

So, thank you Marhault for questioning me on this.  I hope this new idea will pan out.

– Ryan


5 Responses to A Good Question

  1. WillH says:

    Can you charge up boxes in the prefight part of the game and go into the battle already charged? Do you even have a prefight part of the game at this point?

  2. Marhault says:

    Hey, you’re welcome! And good answer.

  3. Have you considered going +2/+1/+3?

    Just at a glance it looks like the best of both worlds to me. You get a big bounce to start, which makes charging a second trait is still a useful move, but to get the big bang of the +3 you have to invest some time and effort.

  4. Nancy McKeown says:

    3, 2, 1 makes sense to me, based on original conception of what the game is supposed to be like: the characters are supposed to be able to do really cool shit all the time! There’s no reason to discourage this by making players “earn” bigger bonuses and every reason to enable them to do it *right now*.


  5. David Gallo says:

    I really like the incentive concept. Why not throw an incentive on the +2 as well? It kind of reminds me of Race for the Galaxy – I get every action everyone else does, but depending on which one *I* play, I get a special bonus. And you get a bonus no matter which one you play.

    What if:

    You can choose to charge for 3


    Charge for 2 and gain Thunder back


    Charge for 1 and gain a MP.

    Or something like that. It keeps with the idea of always being able to kick ass, but lets you keep options open. Plus it lets the players really think tactically about what is going to serve them best at that point.