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Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver

Live the dream of 90s roleplaying! Wander around Darkest Vancouver as Immortals with katanas in hand and trenchcoats twirling. More »

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Cornucopia of Fate Thoughts

As one of the designers on Fare Core and the Dresden Files RPG, Ryan has been posting thoughts about the Fate system over the years. If you’re a Fate designer or fan, check them out! More »


Random Improbable Last-Minute Script Edits & Walk-Ons

I’ve got this game that’s been in my brain for years, tentatively called Gun n Fuck. It’s a two-player action movie game inspired by Crank and Shoot ‘Em Up. In it,

Phone Writing & the First Word of God

I was out late last night, and the bus ride was dark and quiet. I had a line pop into my head that I wanted to capture, so I pulled out my smartphone and opened its note app. One line turned into a paragraph, a paragraph into a monologue, and, well, here’s what I wrote

Looking for Furious Test Drivers!

I got eleven games on the line from the Furious Game Jam! These hastily slammed together cars needs some test drive love! A lot of cool games got

Firing up the Furious Game Jam

Furious Seven came out on disc this week! I preordered my copy and watched it the night it came in, so it’s on my mind again (as it was when I made Katanas & Trenchcoats: Car Wizards and talking about it from a Mage: the Ascension Technocratic Vulgarity POV). My 3:16 hack today: NFA is Fast,

What I Would Change about Mythender Today

a.k.a. Sometimes Let’s Lift the Curtain on Design Intent I’ve been thinking off and on over the past year about what I would do differently if I were

Delicious Grilled Apples

It’s Rosh Hashanah, and my wife tells me that apples are a big deal in celebrating the Jewish New Year. So it seems timely for me to do another food post—this time, about a grilled apples recipe I’ve been working on this summer. They’ve been glowingly described as “like an apple pie, but without the