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Get the critically acclaimed tabletop game about killing gods and avoiding your own apotheosis! The electronic edition is free and released under a Creative Commons license. The print-on-demand edition is available now. More »

Cornucopia of Fate Thoughts

As one of the designers on Fare Core and the Dresden Files RPG, Ryan has been posting thoughts about the Fate system over the years. If you’re a Fate designer or fan, check them out! More »

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A Variety of Short Stories

Interested in fiction? Ryan’s been in a few anthologies focused around horror, urban fantasy, and science-fiction genres. His recent collection, Desperate Journeys, is an inexpensive introduction to this side of Ryan. More »


GottaCon 2015 This Weekend!

This coming weekend, I’m a guest at GottaCon in Victoria, BC—a simple ferry ride away from Seattle. I’m super looking forward to it! This’ll be my first time in Canada. :D Here’s what I’ve got on deck: Game: Mythender Day: Friday Time: 7:00pm to 11:00pm On the other side of this bloodied snowy plain stands Thor, God

Finding Beauty in Imperfection

This is a picture of my favorite cup. I bought it back in 2011 from a farmers’ market in Oakland, from a woman who made many by hand. I

The Extra Secret Service!

Tim Rodriguez and I just dropped the next Backstory Cards digital reward out, and it’s a public freebie: the Extra Secret Service setting grid. In case you missed the pitch

We All Get Scared

I start my new job—indeed, shifting career paths—this week, and I’ll admit some trepidation[1]. When we shake up our lives, even for the better, we’re entering uncharted territory.

My Last Day at Paizo

Today—Friday, February 13th, 2015—is my last day as an employee at Paizo. I’ve been an editor there for nearly two and a half years, first as an in-house contract

Sometimes We Need Project Managers

Earlier this week, I mentioned that sometimes we need mediators. Sometimes we need project managers too, for similar reasons. The people who get into any creative business—especially those