Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver

Live the dream of 90s roleplaying! Wander around Darkest Vancouver as Immortals with katanas in hand and trenchcoats twirling. Proceeds go to the Seattle Childrens Hospital. More »

Get Mythender!

Get the critically acclaimed tabletop game about killing gods and avoiding your own apotheosis! The electronic edition is free and released under a Creative Commons license. The print-on-demand edition is available now. More »

Cornucopia of Fate Thoughts

As one of the designers on Fare Core and the Dresden Files RPG, Ryan has been posting thoughts about the Fate system over the years. If you’re a Fate designer or fan, check them out! More »

A Variety of Short Stories

Interested in fiction? Ryan’s been in a few anthologies focused around horror, urban fantasy, and science-fiction genres. His recent collection, Desperate Journeys, is an inexpensive introduction to this side of Ryan. More »


Transhumanity’s Fate Playtest v2

With much joy, I get to say the second version of the Eclipse Phase Fate playtest is live! I’m super stoked to see this out to people. Jack Graham’s taken over much

Slides from My PAX Dev Talk

Last week, I gave a talk at PAX Dev on using text design and page layout concepts to make better game books. It was a talk with slides, and I ran the full hour. Some folks have asked for the slides online, so here’s the deck (as a PDF) minus the many examples I showed

Revising Teamwork in Fate

Some people are critical of the teamwork rules in Fate; depending on the day of the week, I’m one of them[1]. The thing is, the +1 per helper

My PAX Dev Workshop: Text Design & Page Layout

Going to PAX Dev? On Wednesday (8/26) at 3:45p in the Vashon room, I’ll be giving a talk/workshop on how you can… well, I wrote the description, so let’s

Like Earth, But… [Random Table]

A week ago, I put out a call to make a d% table that filled in the phrase “Like Earth, But…” and y’all didn’t disappoint. :) Here’s the fill

My Secret Insights on Paizo’s RPG Superstar

I’ve been an editor at Paizo through two RPG Superstar competitions, and overheard a lot of conversations about it. I have some secret insights that will give you